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I’m Senith Mathews. Author of three financial modeling books. These are easy to follow step by step guides on financial modeling. I’m sharing two books in full here.

  1. Modeling Projected Financial Statements (Without a Plug!) © 2018
  2. The ABCs of DCF Valuation and Modeling © 2019
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Two more books are pending discussions.

  1. Modeling Leveraged Buyouts – Simplified! © 2017 (Digital, Paperback)
  2. Coming soon – Modeling A Startup’s Financials – Simplified! © 2020

Enjoy learning financial modeling. 



PS: Want your own copies? Digital version (Gumroad), Paperback (Amazon).

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Verified Testimonials on Amazon

I found this book incredibly helpful to obtaining a basic understanding of financial statements. Senith Mathews succinctly condenses difficult concepts into a brief synopsis that allows the reader to not get overwhelmed as they try to digest complicated accounting concepts. Overall, I highly recommend this book! 

KAW, Amazon.com

This is a conscience but easy-to-read guide for the indispensable mechanics and concepts behind an LBO model. I was shocked by how short it is and how clearly it structured in a way that help you incorporate the concept.

Xipu Li,Goodreads.com

I found this book enormously helpful. It was a fast read, and takes the reader through a really clear, stepwise example of how to create forecasted financial statement. This was a terrific review for me as I learned some of this material in an accounting class but was very rusty as I haven’t done this in awhile. I’m feeling much more confident about my skills now. I could follow the example very carefully by going through the book — everything was accounted for and explained clearly. Really appreciated this book.

KR, Amazon.com

This is a great guide to learn all of the essentials of making an LBO model. Lots of online resources have helpful tips about aspects of the LBO model, but I hadn’t been able to find a guide that goes step-by-step without omitting important details. Highly recommend!

Alex Viviano, Amazon.com